We receive a huge number of customers that come from all parts of the world even though the event is meant for the people of Perth. As a result, we have a lot of different types of tickets to cater for the various needs of the people attending the event.

#1. Standard Tickets

Standard Ticket is for those who just want to secure a seat inside the hall. You will only be eligible to watch the activities, but no extra services are going to be given to you. You need to buy for the three days and terms and conditions apply. This ticket costs $100 for the three days.

#2. Premium tickets

Here, you will have the chance to get the front seats for perfect viewing of the activities that would be going on. After that, you will then be given a parking space if you have a car. Drinks and meals shall be provided to you in case you want to eat something. Some shops are located inside, and once you show the copy of your ticket, you will be served with what you want. It costs $300 for the three days

#3. VIP tickets

VIP tickets are suitable and useful for people who travel from other countries. Owning a VIP ticket gives you the chance to have a hotel booked for you the three days. You will be given free meals and free drive from your hotel to where the event is held. The VIP ticket permits you to order special meals, and you can even have a chance to talk to the organizers.

If you want to buy tickets, buy from the good shops and online partners. There are a lot of fake agents who claim to be part of us. You can take our number and call to confirm if where you are buying the ticket is a genuine place.