Ten cleaning tips for your home

a clean environment is great

There is no better sense than sitting on the sofa by admiring the absolute cleanliness of the home, but to arrive at this stage, it must suffer a little. You do not have the chance to have a roommate who spends his days cleaning; it is likely that this cleaning advice welcome.


clean taps in bathroomMake sure you have all the proper cleaning products.
This way, you will finish the household faster and get better results.
Here is a list of necessary products you must have:

– window cleaner, shower cleaner and for the rest of the house. We will see more and more detail each product needed.
– vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, sponges, broom, old clothes to use in rags.
– gloves
– the micro fiber mop for the floor, which will clean with attention to the environment and that you can reuse several times.
– a steam mop or balais vapeur.

Remove animal hair with tape

Speaking of cats … Better than vacuuming, use scotch for animal hair.
Yes, we found another use for tape: cleaning.

The viscosity of the tape will be perfect to remove the hair of your pet, and you will see it faster and cheaper than the vacuum cleaner.
A sponge or cloth wrapped with tape works very well to reach the most challenging corners.

Windows and mirrors

Forget about the ammonia-based window cleaners you’ve just seen on tv.
Our cleaning advice is that many natural and cheap products can be used instead.
The windows of your home can be adequately cleaned with four tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with a liter of water.
Clean using a clean, lint-free cloth, or else a cotton shirt wardrobe.


Building the furniture

woman remove grease on wallMaking your product to make the wood shine very useful is a bit like preparing a salad

Also, it is one of the cleaning tips that I would like from my grandmother; I make you benefit from it:

Simply mix the olive oil with lemon juice and apply it on the furniture with a soft cloth. The combination will give your wooden furniture a pleasant smell and a bright shine.


Many of our cleaning tips use an unexpected element: vinegar.
We are not talking here of the balsamic vinegar of Modena, but of the white vinegar, and therefore really cheap.
A mixture of vinegar and water is the perfect choice to clean most floors of your home.
Mix a cup of vinegar with 2 liters of hot water (make sure it’s hot!). Add the lemon juice and rub on the tile, parquet or wood.