Must-Have Home Security Products that are Greatly Affordable

avoid burglaries with protection

With the advent of smart gadgets, you need not put up with insecurity anymore. Inventions in the field of security have made us have faith in our houses being safe from burglars.

With smart devices able to give you real-time updates on what is happening in your house in your absence, who wouldn’t feel safe? With that said, we took our time to prepare you a list of products you must have to secure your home from burglars. Ranging from indoor products such as security screens to outdoor security gadgets like cameras, here is the list:

• Motion sensors
Motion sensors are an excellent way to catch burglars even before they strike. And even if there are dark areas in your backyard, with the help of motion sensors, they will light up their LED lights after they sense movement. Also, the fact that they are solar powered ensures that you not only save on power, but they can also be handy in times of blackouts.

• Entry alarm
How about installing an alarm that sounds when someone opens your doors or windows while you are away? These alarm systems with the aid of two magnets will produce a 100dB sound when separated (when the door is opened). They are also easy to set up.

• Security bar
To owners of houses with sliding glass doors, they are constantly unease owing to how easy it is for their locks to be picked. However, one can amp up sliding glass doors security through installing a security bar. Popular security bars include aluminium patio door security bars which are not only easy to install, but also won’t require you to spend much.

call the police in case of emergency

Call the police in case of emergency

•Fake Camera
If you can’t get the money to buy a security camera, then you need not worry. Burglars on seeing the sight of a security camera watching will simply take to their heels. In most cases, few take their time to verify whether they are real. As such, you can buy a dummy indoors or outdoors camera with even a genuine video cable. Some even have fake infra-red for night vision to scare away really those burglars.

• Window film
A great way to prevent burglars from peering into your house to see if you are around is by installing etched glass window film. This can be used to line up pretty much any glass in your house including your front door or on all of your windows. This makes your glass look like bathroom windows.

• Security screen
Security screens also provide protection to your windows. They not only prevent intruders from verifying the contents of your house but also shield off outside heat and prevent harmful UV rays as well as pests from gaining entrance into your house through your window. And in the case of an emergency, the security screens are made in a way that the homeowner can vacate through the window. For security door screens make sur you visit

As such, with these affordable home security products, one can be at peace with their home being secure.