How To Pick The Right Electrician


If you need some electrical work done on your home, you need to use the services of an electrician to ensure that all of the work is carried out safely. When it comes to choosing the right electrician, there are some questions that you should ask and things that you need to bear in mind before making your final choice:


interviewing-perth-electriciansIn the majority of states, electrical contractors have to have a state license to work legally. Sometimes a city license is also a requirement. You should check your chosen contractor’s credentials by going onto the website for your state’s licensing board or telephoning them. It is vital that you only use a licensed contractor as. Otherwise, you will be responsible for any damage incurred.


One way to check the reputation of your chosen electrician is to ask to see references. You can do this by contacting local suppliers, trade organisations, neighbours or friends. Any reliable contractor will be happy to give you references, and their website will probably also showcase customer testimonials that you can read.


It is important to check the amount of liability insurance your chosen contractor has, as a minimum of $1 million is essential to guarantee your property is adequately protected.


switches-and-board-panelTo obtain the correct permits to work on your property an electrician must be fully licensed. If your chosen electrician has the correct permit, they will be fully responsible for all work carried out and will be obliged to correct any faults discovered by a building inspector.

Guarantees And Warranties

Ask your chosen electrician about whether or not the work will be protected by a product warranty or guarantee as this will ensure your peace of mind.

Guaranteed Price

Ask your electrician if they can give you an exact quote up front. It will ensure that costs will not rise even if the work takes longer to complete. If the job is going to take a long time you should ask for a written payment schedule and a detailed contract as this will give you the best level of protection.


If you require specialised works carried out on your electrics, you should check to make sure that your chosen electrician can handle this type of operation and has a skill in that area.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to easily find a suitable electrician who will be able to safely and reliably complete all necessary works on your home electrics to the highest standards.